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Toncelli celebrates the tea ritual 19.10.2016

References to faraway lands and continents, mixed with colonial styling: these are the charming suggestions triggered by the Tea Tall Unit, conceived as a genuine luxury to indulge in, in order to renew the ritual of tea-time in the comfort of one’s home. Devised for demanding aficionados of the most precious beverage in the world, the Tea Tall Unit is first and foremost a seductive design: charming and disarming owing to the impeccable workmanship, the decorative value, the complexity summed up in such a limited amount of space and the ability to express a multifarious sensory universe.

Indeed, the furnishings appear to trigger visual and tactile perceptions, which have been made possible by the shape and textured composition, which intertwine to give rise to an object that demonstrates its uniqueness starting with the hinged doors.

The doors of the Tea Tall Unit, which are symmetrical, are the celebration of a great tradition in Italian wood-working, which has been guarded and handed down by Toncelli: their finish is a tailored game of different-shaped wooden pieces put together to form a three-dimensional puzzle. Small rectangular volumes to different extents and L, T or C shaped profiles of various depths are in fact carefully positioned to generate a dynamic and sculptural texture, the star of any room in which it is installed. The distinguishing features of ziricote wood provide further mesmerising styling qualities to the tall unit, which can be inset between other elements or left free-standing, with steel feet.

Inside, the cabinet is equipped with a pull-out table with a steel tray to collect the hot water used to wash the tea leaves, a lower drawer housing the hand-made Oriental kit and two side pull-out elements to store various types of tea and, lastly, a compartment concealed into the back panel, which slides open and closed.

The utmost expression of Toncelli’s expertise in tailor-made workmanship and a tribute to the East, where the company’s main market is situated, the Tea Tall Unit becomes a genuine work of art that combines exotic reminiscences with the excellence of made-to-measure production.

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