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The Wallpepper® springtime 22.03.2016

How do you imagine your home in springtime? The windows are finally open, pastel colours, plants on the balconies and then light fabrics to enjoy the wonders of the changing season.

Everybody need to surround themselves with objects and solutions that could excite the very desired transition from cold to warm temperature and to find in their own home the pleasure of nature which finally returns lush.

They store the wool cloth, candles and wood species to enjoy the fresh scents of the air and the plants that attract small armies of insects back in activity. It’s these typical images that inspire the graphics that Wallpepper® dedicated to the springtime: pop bouquet or soft colors, roses, butterflies and giant dragonflies, fireflies and birds.

Wallpepper® reduce the distance between outside and inside and bring in the home spaces the universe of flora and fauna, revisited with drawings from oriental reminiscences or with stylized and two-dimensional patterns.

Many collections in the Wallpepper® Catalogue 2016 cover these topics: Chinoiserie, French Chic, Naturalis and Ombrée offer different interpretations of the most famous subjects of the midseason, in order to meet the tastes of a vast and demanding public.

Ombrée draws elegance gradations of colour in shades of blue, violet and pink: the walls can reveal the fascinating hours of sunset and sunrise, when the days are longer and the light invades the city giving a new charm.

Naturalis, however, imprints on the wall the wooded essence, pretty buds, stems, butterflies and insects. The colour shades do not meet the real ones but with creativity and originality interpret the themes in its own inspiration.

A solution that comes back into French Chic collection, where huge, pink, powder pink and green water lilies and irises stand out from the walls and invade the spaces with the well-known French sophistication.

Finally, in the Chinoiserie collection there’s the return of spring gardens with oriental patterns, drawings of bamboo plant, colorful birds, and superb and blossoms cherry that adorn the Asian hilly landscapes.

The Wallpepper® spring is a reproduction of the miracles of the sky, the lively impression of a reborn life, a palette of romantic watercolors or suggestion of exotic territories. But, whatever the texture and style of these wallpapers, we always talk about spring.

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