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The tailor-made details of the new Atelier bedroom designed by Matteo Nunziati 23.05.2024

The new Atelier bedroom designed by Matteo Nunziati for Turri presents tailor-made details: inspired by the haute couture ateliers, they reveal Turri’s craftmanship and its art of making. In the excellence journey promoted by Nunziati, the bed Atelier represents the core. Through a contemporary design embodying the culture of the Italian beauty, the leather-covered bed frame seems to be suspended from the ground thanks to the hidden legs. Its lightness is a clear example of a tailor-made product’s elegance. The headboard is completely upholstered, and it shows the outer leather covering enriched by the application of leather buckles. The inner selected fabric has been carefully chosen to create a materical and tactile contrast by adding a further visual and sensory remind to the whole composition. The leather buckles become iconic elements of the entire Atelier project, which involves the sleeping area beside the living and the dining one by creating a style and cohesion experience in the house. The attention for the details also characterizes the Atelier bedside tables placed near the bed as elegant support able to complete the relax corner. In their flawless blend of shapes and materials, they show the contrast between the outer soft leather and the warm walnut wood used for the upper top and for the inner parts. Together with the bedside tables featuring this calm and intimate place, the reign of rest, even the dresser follows the same sophisticated design. Its walnut wood structure is perfectly integrated with the leather covering – by hosting the drawers which offer space to carefully organize the personal belongings- and the open compartment able to display all the objects, always at hand. In the Atelier bedroom area, between soft sheets and cushions, it is possible to enjoy the rest, far away from the world outside. An atelier able to become a personal shelter, a place to find balance, to recharge body and mind and to better face the daily challenges. The attention and the excellence of the finishing are the example of a gentle decor, able to interpret the uniqueness of the clients and to define the company’s production by making it immediately recognizable.

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