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The stainless steel of the Abimis kitchen looking out to sea 15.05.2017

White, blue and terracotta. Overlooking the sea, on the headland of Monte Argentario, lies the creation of architect Filippo Bombace – a restructured villa paying tribute to true Mediterranean style. In fact, this home has all of the features that have been inspiring Italian architecture for centuries, from the colour scheme to the spacing between the windows, with the latter being narrow enough to prevent the heat of the sun from entering, right through to the ceramic decor and the choice of simple yet functional furnishings, avoiding any excess.

The living area is a good example as it was designed as a ‘fluid’ room: a long dining table, a sofa and a few other accessories are the only items in this room, which is overlooked by the kitchen, created by Abimis and offering perfect harmony in terms of interior design. An opening in the wall creates elegant continuity between the two rooms and gives you the chance to enjoy the view even whilst cooking – a view dominated by maritime pine trees that stretch all the way to the sea. The lower edge of the opening between the two rooms is a stainless steel, cantilevered counter that becomes a practical breakfast bar; the upper edge is identical but instead contains the extractor hood in the form of thin slits in the metal’s surface. The quality of Abimis creations becomes clear just by looking at these two elements – customised designs that are handmade depending on the specific requirements of each project.

In Filippo Bombace’s concept, the kitchen’s ‘L’ shape follows the villa’s irregular exterior thanks to its complete customisation: the width and depth of the modules depend on the specific requirements of the room and are based on the principles of functionality and ergonomics, inspired by professional restaurant kitchens. Their composition in AISI 304 stainless steel, an organically neutral material guaranteeing high performance in terms of resistance and hygiene, also gives a clean feel, enhanced by the lack of handles and by the edging that gives a careful finishing touch to the base.

Its square-shaped doors and thin extractor outlet give this kitchen even more character – a kitchen whose shiny material and orbitally hand-polished finish reflect the pattern and blue shades of the tiles.

Simple, linear, handmade, the Abimis design represents a kitchen that is refined without being iconic, with the aim of making this corner of Tuscany and the sea the real stars of the show.

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