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The shades of Bross’ collection, red like Christmas 28.11.2016

Finally, Christmas is here, and everything becomes red. From the Tree decorations to the Garlands, from the Table linens to the Uniform of Santa Claus. Red is the cult color of the season and it holds this privilege since ancient origins.

From America to Australia, a storm of red objects invades our houses and the same color choice for the furniture heightens the advent pleasant climate.

With Ademar, Break and Nora collections Bross gives a festive atmosphere to the domestic spaces, enriched with very elegant details, excellent craft materials and fine artisan works that characterize the entire production of the company.

Ademar, with its coffee table version, becomes a nice complement that perfectly expresses the festive spirit that accompanies the whole month of December: the top, characterized by a variable thickness profile, is available in different finishes, including some bright red and burgundy options.

Break, on the other side, is the ideal seat for the Christmas table: its harmonious lines and the upholstery of the shell, decorated with thin vertical seams, make it the essential piece for an impeccable “mise en place”.

Nora, at last, is an enveloping armchair that becomes a comfortable support during a conversation or where to plunge for a relaxing break. The combination of the red upholstery and the solid wood structure, which extends and defines the lower profile of the armrest, gives warmth to the house during the winter months.

From vermilion to purple, Bross’ collections interpret Christmas with their numerous shades of red.

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