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The return of wood with the Rigoletto door by ARAN Cucine 04.07.2023

An evergreen tendency, that of wooden kitchens. Declined in the shades of its essences, the elegance of wood moves away from tradition to meet the contemporaneity of the LAB13 line.

In this new composition, the return of wood results in the scenic immediacy of the Rigoletto Plus door in natural American Walnut chosen for base cabinets – with black aluminum groove – and for tall units – equipped with push & pull opening.

Grooves, vertical and regular, obtained from the slat woodworking, offer dynamism and rhythm to the apparently linear distribution of the LAB13 model. The clear and simple design plays with different heights that give movement to the cooking and washing areas. This last hosts the Dialogo kitchen sink that, with the multifunctional equipped tray, approaches to a workstation tailored idea built to facilitate daily activities.

Born from ARAN Cucine expertise, the new LAB13 model with Rigoletto door is characterized by the combinations of different materials: the Magellan stoneware top expands in full length and height on the washing area wall, not only as backrest but creating a real mural.

A touch of contemporary chromatism is embodied by the wall cabinets, lacquered in metallic liquid lead, designed with a flap opening system to organize kitchen utensils or useful ingredients.

A linear disposition continues over the cooking area with a wall system, always characterized by the presence of the Rigoletto door, ready to give space to the oven and microwave, both recessed, to have – especially during preparing and cooking – all the necessary at your fingertips.

The strong character of LAB13, in its modernity, also invades the living area. The Watch-it bookcase, recently restyled, becomes a perfect furnishing element for the walls : thought as a room divider, it has been designed to be ceiling mounted, achieving a maximum height of 3 meters. Equipped with multiple shelves depending on personal needs, it can also accommodate natural ash wood trays or, at will, become a containing structure with extra drawers and baskets in stained or lacquered open pore ash wood.

The free-standing Watch-it position reveals ARAN Cucine idea of total look thanks to coordinated furnishing in the kitchen and living area: also here, the wood comes back with the Rigoletto Plus door joined by a side wall system in matt White PET. The Parigi table with a grey stoneware top and the Singapore chairs complete the living area.

LAB13 is the balanced solution to the need of simplicity and style in interiors that declares with pride the return of wood, essential to create furnishing projects more and more contemporary.

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