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The quality of Abimis kitchens sets sail with Tankoa 26.05.2016

69.30 metres long, 1457 tons in weight, 6 cabins and a maximum speed of 16.5 knots. The technical prowess of Suerte is clearly quantifiable, but it is also visibly tangible in every corner, space or technological feature of the yacht. Launched in 2015, this yacht designed by Tankoa is synonymous with excellence in movement in open water and each and every one of its components is the expression of the highest level of quality. The philosophy of this ship manufacturing company is the quest for perfection: an essential objective which is reached thanks to collaborations with the best ‘Made in Italy’ brands.

One of these is Abimis, a brand which stems from Prisma’s 30-year experience in professional catering. Abimis fully embraces Tankoa’s mission to build an almost 70 metre-long ship which is tailor-made down to the very last inch. As a matter of fact, Abimis displays the same passion for tailoring and obsessive attention to detail to ensure it delivers customised projects where design is put at the service of the highest level of ergonomics.

Abimis supports the concept of Tankoa’s operation, curated by architect Francesco Paszkowski and interior designer Margherita Caspirini. The desire to furnish this luxury vessel with state-of-the-art technology, associated with impeccable fruition and a modern style, is also clearly expressed in the furnishings of the kitchen, which is the result of a stimulating exchange of ideas between a team of yacht chefs and the technical staff at Abimis.

Located in correspondence of the lower deck which is entirely dedicated to the crew, the kitchen, which look directly onto the outside, is a space dictated by the movements of the chef and is designed to enhance and improve user experience during every stage of cooking. The cooking, cleaning, storage and maintenance areas which showcase Prisma’s know-how follow the design of the ‘Ego’ kitchen model, with customisations and finishings which display great craftsmanship, from the selection of compartments and details to the thickness of the stainless steel, from the panel doors to the work surfaces.

Ego is made 100% from AISI 304 stainless steel, an organically-neutral material which does not transfer any substance onto food. In addition, it can withstand corrosion, temperatures of up to 500° C, can be cleaned easily and is 100% recyclable. It has bevelled flush doors that seem to replicate the shape of the yacht’s elongated portholes, and invisible hinges patented by Abimis which convey an overall fantastic aesthetic effect.

Essential, functional, innovative, but also hand-crafted: the Abimis kitchen designed for Suerte is a master-class in subtle genius. Its design also creates an emotional effect thanks to the view of the endless horizon and the ever-changing reflections of the sea which enter the room and merge with the metal finishings of the decor.

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