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The polaroids of Maurizio Galimberti for WallPepper® 19.06.2017

From NY to Berlin, from Lady Gaga to Chuck Close and Johnny Depp: the eclectic ‘instant artist’ starts to collaborate with WallPepper®


Maurizio Galimberti, the instant artist who reinvented the ‘photographic mosaic’ technique was called to reinterpret the Venice sensual beauty, through a sensorial path among symbols and objects from the past, in a prestigious scenery at the Luxus Pavilion in Venice, on the occasion of the famous Italian Biennale d’Arte.


After all, Maurizio Galimberti’s polaroids give a view of the world in a completely innovative way and for this reason WallPepper® has selected a few to become part of the exclusive Fine-Art Catalogue.

An ambitious project and a precious collaboration, that contributes to make artworks available to everyone, that in private houses and public spaces gives them character and personality, creating a unique ambience.

Galimberti’s polaroids, like other pieces in the Fine-Art Catalogue, are reproduced by WallPepper® in an excellent resolution, faithful to the original on an eco-friendly material made by cellulose and textile fibers. Wallpapers made by WallPepper® also are fireproof, odourless, hypoallergenic and water-resistant. Dry removable, they don’t ruin the plaster and are easily removable.

Each piece is custom-size based on the client’s need, creating  personal and unique decorations.


From the largest cities’ architecture to the most famous personalities, Maurizio Galimberti throughout the years has never limit the use of photography as a mere instrument to document a reality, but rather as an artistic instrument to reformulate, reinvent and provide a gateway to a different prospective of the world, to decompose and recompose reality as a mosaic that is able to tell stories of different backgrounds each time in a suggestive way.

From Polaroid to Expo, to Venice’s Film Festival and some of the most famous collaborations from the international scene (Mimmo Rotella, Robert de Niro, Chuck Close, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and so on).

The main focus, in particular for this exhibition, will be his reinterpretation of the “Minuetto” by Giandomenico Tiepolo, a rich analysis of the venetian life in the 18th century.


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