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The new dining area by Newform Ufficio 11.07.2022

Reversing course from “battery-mounted” desks to more flexible solutions is inevitably the result of a wider reflection that has affected working environments in recent years of pandemic. Large and small companies have come up against a necessary rethink of all spaces: the ability to easily work from home has resulted numerically in the reduction of physical workstations within the offices in favor of larger shared areas that facilitate the idea of coworking.

And that’s where Newform Ufficio’s expertise comes in, ARAN World’s reality who was able to question and interpret in a very short time the needs dictated by this ‘forced’ revolution, respecting the freedom of people who live office life concretely.

Eidos Pro convivial area becomes an operating space where you can declutter your mind and recharge to be even more productive.

Without completely disrupting workers’ pre-pandemic habits, the new furnishing solutions designed for the dining area allow a lunch break with colleagues in complete safety.

Eidos Pro modular elements are ideal for decorating these environments: melamine round tables and tall cabinets with retractable doors allow you to make the most of the area housing all the necessary in an organized way to spend a break worthy of being defined so. One example is the small kitchen with custom appliances and two shelving systems to optimize space and have everything at hand.

This finds a spontaneous continuity in round tables that encourage conviviality and relationships between colleagues, excluding the possibility of creating gatherings. The 120 cm tabletop diameter ensures the presence of a small number of participants and compliance with safety distances.

The solid and clean table base in metal or melamine supports the melamine tabletop available in every color of the collection.

In the imagination of Eidos Pro even the most operational furniture can redesign the spaces of the dining area: the single desks with liftable structure can turn into an excellent snack table where you can have your lunch break in total comfort; while the tables with flip-top, thanks to their flexibility and ergonomics, are ready to “add a seat to the table” or can be easily moved against a wall to give vent to conviviality during the break.

The bookcase system by Eidos Pro collection, with its modular structure, allows multiple interpretations of the space. Besides scanning the environment with practicality and elegance brings attention back to the concept of privacy in shared areas: Eidos Pro bookcases allow a discrete division of the dining area without necessarily isolating the area.

The whole furnishing project offered by Eidos Pro collection lends itself to be studied and developed with customized proposals: the wide range of finishes and materials available, thanks to the combination of modular elements and tables, results in endless possible solutions with which to organize – in addition to work areas – even the convivial ones of important dimensions.

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