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The new Cold Control System by Abimis 19.10.2018

Quality ingredients are required for a quality recipe. In this regard, it is inevitable that the food preservation phase takes on undisputed value in the general act of cooking, also and especially if devised in relation to the fundamental issues of hygiene, health and safety.

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018, Abimis tackles this significant phase of preservation by presenting its Cold Control System, a high-tech collection of refrigerated tall units that are entirely customisable in terms of finish, size and configuration, which have been rendered unique by an easy-access external panel allowing modulation of the temperature in the various compartments and status monitoring at any time.

Thanks to its Cold Control System, which exploits the technologies implemented in the large-scale collective catering industry, Abimis continues with its plan to bring together the professional kitchen world with domestic usage, to make the everyday act of cooking unique also in the home, with the best and the most reliable instruments.

The appearance, simple and with soft silhouettes, and the material, AISI 304 stainless steel, remain the same as those used in Abimis kitchens. The approach to health and hygiene remains the same as for Abimis kitchens, devised to abide by the strictest standards: the flush-fitting doors and the bevelled doors, without any sharp edges, in fact prevent any dirt and grime encrustations and facilitate the cleaning process.

The Cold Control System consists of multiple compartments, each separate from the next and at a different temperature, designed for clever, well-organised food preservation: for instance, meat and fish are kept separate from fruit, vegetables, milk, etc. to avoid contamination. All the shelves in the system can slide out to ensure maximum accessibility and improved spatial organisation. Last but by no means least, the internal ventilation system guarantees the temperature is the same throughout the entire compartment.

The Cold Control System by Abimis also implements the Gastronorm system, which envisages standard dimensions for containers, trays and other instruments used in the catering industry, thereby optimising the arrangement of the various compartments and the enjoyment of all the ingredients and work tools.




  • Industrial characteristics and compartments at various temperatures
  • Fully customisable finishes, dimensions and configurations
  • Completely in AISI 304 stainless steel, inside and out, for hard-wearing durability and maximum hygiene
  • Doors flush-fitting with the structure and rounded edges, to prevent dirt and grime encrustations and for easier cleaning
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Internal ventilation system
  • Compatible with the Gastronorm system
  • Pull-out internal compartments
  • Minimum and maximum refrigerator temperature: -2°C +8°C
  • Minimum and maximum freezer temperature: -20°C -18°C
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