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The new Aperitivo collection by Liu Jo Living 18.06.2024

Designed by Simone Cagnazzo, celebrates the art and tradition of the Italian aperitivo. Comprising two round tables with a black stainless-steel structure, this collection is conceived to accompany and enhance the convivial atmosphere of special moments with friends and family. These tables are available in two different sizes and heights, offering versatility and adaptability to spaces, while the essential structure lends them a modern elegance. The removable top in glazed ceramic, expertly crafted by Federica Bubani, a ceramist from Faenza, follows the artisanal tradition of the area. The various colors chosen for the plates add character and a touch of uniqueness to each table, just like homemade Italian aperitivos. The new Aperitivo collection, an authentic expression of Made in Italy by Liu Jo Living, recalls the hospitality, joy, and beauty of Italian culture. In this perspective, Aperitivo by Liu Jo Living is not only a tribute to the famous Italian aperitivo but also to the essence of Made in Italy, where tradition and know-how become synonymous with Italian passion and craftsmanship. The versatility of the tables, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, allows them to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, providing the opportunity to fully experience the Italian lifestyle and the exclusive atmosphere of a drink in good company wherever one may be.

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