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The dining area solutions from Newform Ufficio 11.11.2021

The working day is not spent entirely at our desks: the lunch break, for example, is a necessary moment of relax, and offering to collaborators a dedicated space is the duty of every company. Whether in large companies with a canteen or small and medium-sized businesses, the dining area is an often underestimated but very important place. Having the opportunity to sit down to eat a meal without necessarily having to leave your workplace entails a number of advantages: you can save time and stress, in terms of displacements, queues, and you can control the quality of your diet more easily. Being able to count on a small kitchen, equipped with the minimum necessary appliances, also allows you to spend breaks with more elasticity and autonomy without crowding.

The Vista Essence collection offers tables and accessories with an essential design, customizable in finishes and colors, to be used individually or combined, and partitions with modules, wall units and special containers for waste sorting. Moreover, Newform Ufficio – ARAN World division – can count on ARAN Cucine to provide onesource solutions for the furnishing of dining areas.

The Kamos Pure collection offers modular elements perfect for furnishing dedicated relaxation spaces. The typical bar style round or rectangular tall tables, and a wall system with storage base cabinets to hide, behind sliding or hinged doors, everything you may need to have a meal during a short break. Also in this case, there are also discreet, essential, but fundamental recycling bins, especially to facilitate good recycling practices even in the most crowded environments. Finally, to give a decorative touch, Saturno wall units, with their hexagonal shape allow you to create always different and customizable compositions.


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