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The Cala armchair: a cozy retreat for cosmopolitan travelers 11.07.2024

The new Cala armchair designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Liu Jo Living takes inspiration from the characteristics of a marine inlet: very open and slightly extending into the mainland, in a shallow sea.

Like a bay or a gulf, which are often considered tranquil places and safe havens for boats, similarly, the Cala armchair offers a sense of comfort and security thanks to its soft, enveloping lines.

It evokes the feeling of a welcoming embrace. Designed to provide both tactile and visual comfort, with its comfortable seat and swivel base, Cala stands out for its impeccable proportions and compact volumes.

Like an inlet that offers shelter from the waves of the sea, the Cala armchair becomes a haven from the frenzy of everyday life, inviting relaxation and moments of tranquility.

Its compact dimensions allow it to be placed in any corner of the house and to easily complement the other pieces in the Liu Jo Living collection. Just as an inlet can be a docking point for different boats, the Cala armchair, with its versatility and adaptability to different domestic environments, reveals the secret of warm and comfortable hospitality in any setting.

The feeling evoked by the new Cala is one of belonging and familiarity: the armchair welcomes all who approach it, offering a hospitable and simple place to relax and regenerate, much like sailors who find refuge in inlets during long voyages.

Together with the Verto sofa, the modular seating system Glam, Cala will also be upholstered with Rubelli fabrics and will be previewed in the new setup of Liu Jo Living’s Milan Flagship Store during MDW2024.

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