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The Blues family grows 31.03.2022

Two new furnishing elements become part of the dining proposals designed by Giuseppe Viganò


Turri is bringing in the Spring season with new additions marked by the brand’s signature and decidedly contemporary style.


The living room proposal of the Blues collection has been joined by the new dining room, which welcomes the first two furnishing elements: the table and the Blues chair.

Conceived in 2020, as a selection of design sofas signed by Giuseppe Viganò – Studio Viganò, the artisanal tradition and attention to detail drive the Blues Collection.


The fundamental role of Blues music in Western culture finds its own dimension in Turri’s design:

the Blues table with its graphic sign, similar to a parenthesis, marks a horizontal division of space reminiscent of  Blues music.

The base of the table evokes wings, both aesthetic and functional in an elegant game of lines.

Finally, a metallic detail adds sophistication to the central meeting point. The top is characterized by rounded corners and circular and light lines, which have graced previous products from the collection. The profile is also rounded and enriched along the entire perimeter with the same metallic detailing as the base.

The different varieties of materials and finishes of the top, available in wood or marble, and of the base, in walnut or glossy lacquered wood, make the Blues table a design element suitable for any interior.


Turri’s brand identity is also recognizable in the new Blues chair, which, with its sinuous lines that unite the backrest and armrest in a single gesture, is a real sculptural object.

The backrest embraces and wraps the seat, while the legs rush towards that gesture, lending uniqueness and lightness to the whole.

Here, too, is the combination of wood and metal typical of the collection.

The chair, one of the cornerstones of the furniture world, is able to interpret the space by defining the style of a trendy area of the house.


The Blues novelties by Turri satisfy functionality and hospitality — the main needs of the dining area. But this collection takes things a few steps further by reflecting contemporary design, faithful adherence to excellent craftsmanship, and honoring the rhythm of the Blues.

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