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The Abimis world: haute cuisine is in the details 09.10.2017

Should the chef adapt to the kitchen, or vice-versa?

Abimis starts with this question. It starts with the chef, around which it subsequently builds a unique and well-articulated space, tailored to his or her particular tastes and needs, entirely bespoke.

From shape to size, to the worktop, the doors, and also the finishes: like Lego, piece by piece the kitchen (understood as an environment, an appendix to the chef, and not just an object) takes shape in its every detail, never the same and high-performance, always.

The common feature is the AISI 304 stainless steel, which is biologically neutral, extremely hard-wearing and sustainable, because it is 100% recyclable.

Yet an Abimis kitchen is not only rendered unique by its craft-based tailor-made workmanship, but also by the extensive portfolio of particular technical characteristics drawn from the professional restaurant and catering world, and which the brand has brought to domestic settings, for the benefit of genuine foodies.


WORKTOPS AND DOORS. Honeycomb aluminium.


Abimis worktops are available in several versions and are joint-free to ensure maximum hygiene. The extra thickness ensures ultimate sturdiness. The worktop backsplash too, which is made from a single piece, adapts to any situation.

The doors are rounded on all four edges or squared, and they feature a honeycomb aluminium core to combine light-weight and sturdiness, and attenuate noise when the door is closed.


COMPARTMENTS AND DRAWERS. Hygienic, pull-out and adaptable.


Along with traditional squared compartments, Abimis also offers compartments with bevelled corners, to prevent dirt encrustations from forming and ensure easier cleaning. The shelves in the compartments and modules can be pulled out, to exploit the space fully and make it easily accessible.

The compartments, which can house any household appliance, are made in sizes that are compatible with the Gastronorm system, a set of standard dimensions referring to all kitchen elements.


HINGES. Abimis patents for the utmost hygiene.


Abimis designed and patented the hinging pivot on its Ego model. Made entirely out of stainless steel, it means kitchens can be designed with flush-fitting doors, since the hinges require no adjustment and make for easier cleaning. So these hinges not only guarantee styling, but also functionality, safety and the utmost hygiene.


But that’s not all, because Abimis offers refrigerated and heated drawers, custom-made sinks to house even the largest crockery and endless customisation possibilities also in the finishes of worktops and doors, the latter paintable or coverable with wood, natural stone, acrylic stone and other materials.

A design available in an infinite variant of kitchens…by Abimis.

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