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Tetide and Pangea 25.01.2024

Ethimo and Studiopepe present a new collection of rugs for outdoor decoration

After Sling Chair, the seat with a free and holiday spirit that recalls vintage camping in the seventies, and Bulbi , the collection of concrete vases inspired by the archetypal shapes of containers, collaboration between Ethimo and Studiopepe continues and brings to life to a collection of ‘soft textures’ for open-air living rooms.

Tetide and Pangea rugs, whose names immediately lend a note of charm to the collection, are characterised by evocative geometric patterns, enhanced in intense warm colours, and by a refined weave that creates a special three-dimensional yarn effect.

“The collection is inspired by tribal signs, by the weavings that are the leitmotif of many primitive cultures. Simple weaves represent symbols and tell stories, bringing us into contact with a primitive unspoilt nature. “This gave us the inspiration for the names, which are linked to an ancient, almost mythological world.” says Studiopepe “Pure elements such as zigzags, stripes and diamonds follow one another, brought alive by the material and the three-dimensionality of the fibre and weave.”

Made of polypropylene with carefully finished details to ensure perfect resistance in the open air, this new textile project by Ethimo and Studiopepe is a decorative idea that completes and improves the comfort of outdoor spaces, defining and making any area more welcoming depending on its function (dining, chilling or living) and personalising any setting with elegance and freedom, adapting to the different styles of outdoor living.
Tetide and Pangea also enhance furnishings by creating a spontaneous, harmonious visual link with their surroundings, a ‘natural affinity’ that is also due to a monochromatic colour palette choice.

The rugs are woven using a particular technique that enhances the design of the weave: Tetide, with its zigzag pattern, is available in the colours Moka and Alga Green , while the characteristic diamond design of Pangea, comes in an intense Garnet Red. Both rugs measure 200×300 cm.

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