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Alba: technology, functionality and transparent appeal 10.05.2018

Fresh from Eurocucina FTK 2018: Falmec launches a feat of beauty and engineering in Alba, its brand new ceiling extractor developed with design lovers in mind. In Alba, designers Valerio Sommella and Alberto Saggia endorse a minimalist design making it the perfect choice for those seeking an elegant and discreet extractor system housed in a geometric shape. The Alba design is distinguished by a perimetral glass frame protruding from the ceiling, whilst the functional core is hidden within a matte white painted panel which disguises itself as a false ceiling. The final aesthetic is particularly striking thanks to the clear-cut perimeter of the glass frame which is LED backlit when in operation. This ensures the worktop is illuminated for optimum visibility and efficiency in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, it efficiently extracts moisture from the cooking area via perimetral extraction, using different motors. Alba offers flexibility in its design; from its compatibility with several different motors including the option for a recirculating system using Falmec’s patented Carbon.Zeo ceiling filtering kit, to the choice to paint the white panel to match the existing décor in the home. Alba is part of the Design collection, which is the result of a close collaboration between Falmec and external designers (both well-known and emerging) to achieve stylistic and functional perfection through extensive research, the use of refined materials and innovative technologies.


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