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Technology and sustainability with Falmec green solutions 02.07.2020

Sustainability is one of Falmec’s most debated and highly topical issues. It’s a vital element in the search for technological innovations that improve the quality of life, not only in our homes, but also more generally, for the collective welfare and protection of our environment.
For this reason, over time, Falmec has developed multiple solutions, all aimed at minimising the consumption of its products. This includes Green Tech technology, as applied to Falmec’s Flipper, Move, Gruppo Incasso, Plane and Quasar hoods, all of which allow you to achieve new levels of efficiency and energy savings. These models are all equipped with special motors that use an electronic power control to optimally manage consumption in every phase of their operation. This process contributes to the reduction of energy losses in the system, as does the use of permanent magnets placed on the motor to drastically reduce the energy absorption of the hood. Compared to traditional machines, energy consumption with Falmec’s Green Tech engines is reduced by 60% on speed 4 and up to 90% when used on speed 1.

A number of different solutions are distinguished by this excellent technology, such as on the wall mounted hoods, Flipper and Quasar. The first, 85 cm wide, in black or satin-white tempered glass, is characterised by a central band in stainless steel with a scotch brite finish, while the second, Quasar, measuring 90 cm wide, is made of stainless steel with a white or black tempered glass finish. Available in wall or island versions, both 90 cm wide, the Plane hood has a simple linear shape and is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 with a scotch brite finish. Finally, for those who want the hood to be concealed inside the wall unit, Falmec offers both the Move and Gruppo Incasso models. 90 cm wide Move, in stainless steel with a black or white tempered glass bottom, has a sliding front and the option of adding a glass shelf to its structure. Falmec’s focus on the environment is not limited to the introduction of low energy technologies, but to a sustainability objective that translates into a constant commitment to avoid energy waste in all products and all production processes.

Falmec has therefore concentrated its filtration efforts into creating exclusive and patented technologies, such as the E.ion® System and Circle.Tech. Both ensure excellent performance in recirculation mode, thus avoiding any energy waste from the removal of external fumes.
The strength of Falmec’s green DNA is revealed by a production process almost exclusively supported by solar energy. This emanates from a solar plant that covers all the company sites in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), as well as in the use of recyclable materials demonstrating total respect for the environment.

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