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Tailor-made well being 26.11.2021

duka has always paid great attention to the concept of customization.

Thanks to the sophisticated design and construction know-how, duka is able to offer high quality custom-made solutions for any context. This ensures a bathroom space with maximum comfort and safety, even in the most complex situations.

The wide range of duka shower enclosures in the catalogue is flanked by custom solutions, designed and manufactured carefully for optimal installation.

Technology and production flexibility allow duka to work on ‘special sizes’ creating customized layouts, able to meet any space and style requirements.

Restricted contexts, geometrically ‘difficult’ surfaces, architectural obstacles – such as columns – differences in height in the floor, false ceilings, unusual niches of different sizes are some of the criticalities which the South Tyrolean company responds with high performance solutions.

There are also bathtub solutions for those who don’t want to give them up. Moreover the company proposes intelligent solutions that allow doors to be opened in limited spaces or in the vicinity of other elements such as furniture, radiators, sanitary ware or electrical appliances.

Furnishing with a duka ‘tailor-made solution’ means reinterpreting the concept of bathroom flexibility with an excellent, reliable and long-lasting product.

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