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Syphasera, an exemplary dialogue between light and nature 27.06.2018

The outdoor fixture by Catellani & Smith has been awarded at the darc decorative awards

When Syphasera lamps light up at night in the gardens and terraces, not only their light becomes a natural element, but also from that moment the magic begins.
Catellani & Smith has designed its Outdoor collection to illuminate green spaces in a new way, with lighting solutions able to integrate themselves perfectly with their surroundings and become like natural plants, giving proof of a perfect balance between lighting and natural elements. Thin brass stems with luminous tops, made of opaline glass, grow, flourish and multiply in different habitats, creating an emotional sensory experience, that lies in the border zone between reality and oneiric dimension. Available in several sizes, Syphasera is a potentially endless family of customizable light sources, which are available in different versions for the ground, for pots or for water, and which when off are able to blend into the surrounding natural environment.

Thanks to its design and functionality, Syphasera has been assigned the second position for the “Exterior-The Best decorative Exterior Fixture” category of this year edition of the darc decorative awards, which were celebrated on May, 31st at the iconic Fabric location, in London.
Darc awards / decorative is the annual design award organised by the English magazine darc to celebrate the best Designer Lighting products, which are voted by architects and interior, lighting and product designers around the globe.


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