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Contemporary suggestions coming from nature 26.03.2020

Ethimo’s journey, between love for the garden and passion for design, began precisely from a “natural paradise” – the Moutan Botanical Centre. It’s a family monothematic park with the largest and rarest collection of tree peonies in the world, located in the splendid countryside of northern Lazio. The first nucleus of the Ethimo collection was born here ten years ago, from the desire to create refined, comfortable and ever more complete solutions, capable of defining the trends of living en plein air with style and quality.

To celebrate its first ten years, its love and bond with the Mediterranean, Ethimo has chosen to set the 2020 communication campaign in a garden of great botanical and cultural value which is also the oldest and richest botanical garden in Europe: the fascinating and evocative Botanical Garden of the University of Palermo – part of Italy’s priceless heritage and an architectural and natural wonder. Among the opulence of extraordinary plants, such as the giant bamboo, ginkgo biloba, ficus macrophilla, citrus and palm trees, the iconic pieces from the Ethimo collection settle in nicely and blend with the forms and colours of nature through the lens of photographer Bernard Touillon. The huge dimensions of the plants create settings and architectures from which the furniture elements seem to borrow matter and form.

The materiality of wood and the craftsmanship of Rafael, the latest collection born from the inspiration of Paola Navone, are enhanced under the foliage of over 400 square meters of the ficus which is appropriately named “Giant of the garden”; Esedra, set in the bamboo garden, boasts its colonial style; the Grand Life collection is wrapped in a magical atmosphere outside of time inside the nineteenth-century greenhouse; Swing, with its repetition of elements, becomes a classic piece between the columns of the Gymnasium.

Covering ten hectares, the Garden is a unique and special place to contextualize Ethimo’s most iconic collections and express the most authentic link between the beauty of nature and the essence of materials.

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