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A new module for Stchu-Moon upgrade to LED 14.05.2018

Stchu Moon, one of Catellani & Smith most popular lamps, stands out in their production for the irregular hand-made surface, lined in gold, silver or copper, which represents a distinctive feature, as well as its peculiar slice-shaped shade and the use of a steel-spoon to hide the light source.
A unique design and a manufacturing system based on craftsmanship are the starting point of a lamp, which has just been technologically improved with the adoption of a new system, that has been specifically designed by Catellani & Smith. Thus, the previous halogen bulb has been replaced by a new LED module, to improve the lamp’s quality and functionality and guarantee at the same time a higher lighting performance and a better lighting perception.

The new LED module has been placed inside the spoon, at the base of the slice-shaped shade, separating the light source from the lamp’s structure, which takes on its own decorative and lighting quality as a result. Therefore, Stchu Moon plays with the light that is refracted on a deliberately irregular surface, to multiply its ‘magic’ and make the entire object a glowing light.

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