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Stainless steel in the kitchen: matt or polished? The new finish by Abimis uses both! 14.03.2019

To create this kitchen in Treviso, the customer was very clear and articulate about what they wanted from Abimis: their kitchen, a precious part of the home to be completely made to measure for the space available, had to fully match the sophisticated and contemporary style of the surroundings, without stealing the show from the other furnishings. So, they wanted a unique kitchen that was discreet at the same time, without being too ostentatious.

The architect working on this project, together with the company’s technical team, therefore came up with a new, ad hoc finish, created by skilfully combining matt and polished stainless steel. AISI 304 stainless steel, hand-finished to create a smooth appearance and a characteristic, light and matt brushed effect, was polished along the edges to highlight its shape and volume. Just like a jewel, the polished edging gives the kitchen units brightness and character, without making them too ostentatious. Now, they blend in perfectly with their surroundings, without taking away from the other furnishings in terms of size or presence… quite the contrary: the polished edge actually creates a direct visual link with the chairs, which have a “leaf” structure made from chrome-plated steel.

Just like a sophisticated frame, the kitchen’s main structure outlines symmetrical rows of glossy white lacquered doors, giving the kitchen its formal neatness. Behind the worktop, complete with double sink and induction hob, there is also a bespoke steel splashback covering the entire wall, helping to create a sense of continuity between the various elements.


This meticulously symmetrical kitchen was completely transformed by playing around with finishes. In fact, Abimis allows designers to express their creativity to the full, helping them to create stainless steel elements that interact with other materials, whether natural or not. Wood, stone, laminates, solid surfaces, synthetic materials or minerals: anything is possible with Abimis; you just need a creative idea… and plenty of passion.

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