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Spazio by Falmec wins the 26th ‘Compasso d’Oro’ Design Award 09.09.2020

The world-renowned ADI Design Observatory has honoured Falmec with the distinguished ‘Compasso d’Oro’ Award for its unique Spazio extraction system hood, designed by Francesco Lucchese.
The Award, now in its 26th edition, recognises the impressive development of this Vittorio Veneto company, by rewarding the excellence, care and dedication achieved in creating innovative solutions designed to improve the quality of our lives at home.

“We are very proud to receive such a prestigious and historic award”, says Lorenzo Poser, Falmec’s Commercial & Marketing Director. “It is valuable and meaningful recognition for many years of hard work and commitment by our passionate and dedicated team, whose collective goal is continual improvement”.

With this award, Spazio now joins the 300 plus other projects honoured in this historical collection, all awarded the ‘Compasso d’Oro’ over the last 60 years.
Originally born out of an idea by Gio Ponti in 1954, this most prestigious international design award recognises the excellence of an eye-catching yet highly practical design, which translates into a system that combines multiple functions into one single solution. Spazio is designed with the purpose of making the most of the unused area above the island worktop and simultaneously offering greater practicality for kitchen activity. The 180cm supporting structure consists of compact smoked glass shelves for storing useful kitchen items, a designated channel furnished with hooks for hanging utensils and an LED lighting system to illuminate the whole worktop, along the entire length of the hood.

But what makes Spazio such an ultra-innovative solution are all the additional functions that it provides; the hood even includes USB ports and electric sockets to connect electronic devices, like tablets, smartphones or MP3 players and other gadgets used regularly in the kitchen. Additionally there are spice holders, a roll holder and a tablet rest, as well as a small home garden for the cultivation of aromatic plants, equipped with a special light that encourages the photosynthesis process and the growth of the plants themselves. The primary function of the hood, namely extraction, is guaranteed by the use of Falmec’s exclusive patented Circle.Tech technology. This ensures that the outgoing air spreads evenly for effective filtering by the filters surrounding the motor. Spazio also boasts special Carbon.Zeo filters – composed of natural materials such as activated carbon and zeolite – which are ideal for absorbing organic compounds and water vapour. Thanks to these two exclusive patented solutions by Falmec, the Spazio system hood will always guarantee the ultimate performance for odour elimination, noise reduction and of course, extraction.

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