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Outdoor sustainability 29.05.2023

ÀTRIA for a ‘refuge’ in the countryside, just a few kilometres from Antwerp


Increasingly free and flexible configurations, beautiful and efficient ‘stations’ for cooking outdoors during the warmer seasons, but not only: anyone wanting to bring the most convivial aspect of the art of food preparation outside wants solutions with the same aesthetic and functional properties as those for interior design, but with a particular focus on comfort, practicality and durability.

In order to create their own ‘cooking corner’ and to promote living en plein air, the owners of this residence near Antwerp chose ÀTRIA, the first Abimis kitchen, created together with Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati, designed to bring the comfort, performance and design of its indoor kitchens outside.

ÀTRIA is a versatile, dynamic and contemporary architecture, made entirely of stainless steel and 100% customizable, even in terms of colour. For this version, for example, a bright green finish has been chosen for the handles and the base/structure which also serves as a practical worktop.

In its compact and well-organized layout, ÀTRIA fits harmoniously and proportionally into the natural landscape around it, ensuring perfect functionality and easy operation. The module consists of a sink integrated into the structure, an induction hob, a backrest equipped with a shelf and a kind of ‘strip’ to contain the most delicate food, and storage compartments.

ÀTRIA is a concept with a green soul, created to fit into nature, respecting it, and ensuring the well-being of people. In fact, ÀTRIA is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel (or 316 when installed in a seaside or swimming pool environment), an antibacterial and biologically neutral material that does not release any substances on food. It is resistant to corrosion, shock, moisture and high temperatures, is durable, 100% recyclable – thus limiting the waste of resources – and easy to clean, so that very little detergent is required. Compared to other materials, steel requires less energy and heat to be produced, thus reducing CO2 production and environmental impact. When produced in one of the RAL colours, Abimis uses only organic paints.

The ÀTRIA design reflects the aspects and ‘principles’ that have always defined the iconic Ego and Atelier lines, but it celebrates its full identity in outdoor life, suggesting a new everyday life in the kitchen, smarter, more informal and more sustainable.


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