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Sophisticated elegance: Turri for The One in Hangzhou 18.11.2019

Sophisticated, exclusive and elegant designs to underline this city’s modern and dynamic character, at the same time as expressing the core values of Turri’s entire business in the best possible way.

Situated in the beating heart of Hangzhou, in an incredibly central, high-end shopping centre, The One by GAD studio is currently one of the most prestigious residential urbanisation projects, boasting an extremely modern concept. Green areas and amenities such as hotels and restaurants integrate with the actual residential solutions, boosting the quality of life of the people who live there. The interaction with the JingHangyunhe river, which runs down the one side of the site, adds extra value to this new area of the city. A sort of “island within the city”, at the same time as being directly linked to the rest of the urban fabric.

A focus on people’s well-being can be seen in all aspects of this project, including in the design of the interiors. Turri, sharing the environmentally friendly spirit that really makes this project stand out, played a leading role in creating the show apartment, which was sold to a private buyer in less than one day from when it was first presented.

This is a clear sign of how well-structured this project is in terms of its ability to fulfil living requirements and appeal to target buyers. However, it is also proof of the high quality that can be found throughout, as can be seen in the 410 m2apartment designed by Andrea Bonini, who creates new products and exhibition spaces on behalf of the company. A turnkey project that confirms Turri’s ability to interpret the market context and requirements, developing ad hoc solutions able to make any room unique.

The apartment was designed down to the smallest detail, from the interior layout of the rooms to the colours, from the fixtures (also designed by Turri) to the furnishings and accessories, all representing a perfect balance between Italian elegance and the modern and dynamic character of the city of Hangzhou.

Developed by Binjiang in collaboration with For.D, the Turri dealer in Hangzhou, this project’s top-quality details, materials and craftsmanship encompasses all the know-how of real Made in Italy excellence, standing out for its high level of specialisation in working with materials.

Elegantly finished, inlaid Italian marble creates geometric patterns bringing out the beauty of the rooms and underlining their function. Moving on, we find beige leather cladding on the panels and walls, concluding with wooden panelling, characterised by a rounded pilaster effect with a vintage feel, made to measure by expert craftsmen coordinated by Turri.

The furnishings also have sophisticated colour schemes and refined, elegant shades, with some wonderful blends between elegant, modern palettes and elements from Chinese culture. Take the light blue shades, for example, that evoke the concept of spring and good omens, at the same time as enhancing shapes and surfaces.

Italian style, on the other hand, can be seen in the references to a number of masters such as Carlo Scarpa, used to define the original and exclusive material details that make this project truly unique.

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