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Sling chair 24.11.2021

Ethimo and Studiopepe have created Sling chair, a chair with a ‘free holiday spirit feel’, designed for outdoors and perfect for indoors.

Sling chair is inspired by vintage camping in the seventies; the simplicity of its design hides the appeal of a totally on-trend aesthetic and functional personality, breathing life into an iconic element that lends character to any setting.

Sling Chair is a ‘free’ ergonomic seating solution that teams all the necessary stability and resistance with extraordinary comfort.

Its stainless steel tubular structure comes in various shades of bronze. The cloth, in Elitis fabrics, defines the seat and the many colours and patterns available make different styles and personalisation possible.
Comfortable and robust, the cloth hugs the contours of the body, embracing and supporting it. The footrest in the same design as the seat makes it perfect for relaxing in comfort.

Sling chair is complemented by a coffee table with a matching steel frame and top in a special pigmented concrete mix that enhances its texture while lending it lightness and elegantly and originally tempering the solidity and compactness of this material.

Ethimo and Studiopepe come together with a project articulated in unusual combinations of colours and materials, evoking the laidback elegance so typical of holidays.

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