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SIMPOSIO. Culture and values in the Newform Ufficio collection. 21.05.2019

The Symposium used to be a moment of discussion and conviviality par excellence in ancient Greece, and nowadays it is still considered an opportunity to express and show virtues and values; thus, Newform Ufficiocouldn’t but name one of its most formal, sober and elegant office furniture collection “Simposio”.

A simple and rigorous collection that includes few and essential items: desks, meeting tables, pedestals, service units and bookcases feature a strong geometric rigor and an accurate choice of materials and finishes. Canaletto walnut and wenge are the available finishes for desktops, service unit tops and other complements – expression of a discreet luxury, of a refined style, ideal for executive offices.

To give a simple yet elegant touch, in addition to the scrupulously rectangular shapes there are the back-painted tempered glass desktops, which can be freely matched with other finishes and accessories of the collection. Modular units and pedestals can be customized in the choice of color and type, so as to give as much freedom as possible to the space management.

Celebration of rationality and formal cleanliness, thanks to its limited number of very adaptable elements, Simposio allows to furnish any type of office, whether it is more representative or more functional, according to every taste or need, putting people at ease.

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