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Shake 26.03.2018

Ethimo and Emmanuel Gallina

New lighting with contemporary inspiration for outdoor living

Ethimo puts light firmly back centre-stage in outdoor living with Shake, the standard lamp born out of collaboration with Emmanuel Gallina.

After Clostra, the screening inspired by the weave and veins of leaves, Emmanuel Gallina is now inspired by essential shapes, giving them eclectic functionality.

The designer transforms a simple cylinder into a decorative light with a lively, extrovert personality to enhance outdoor settings and create unusual, exciting visual experiences.

Shake, the ideal synthesis of function and aesthetics, is an accessory that lends appeal to contemporary areas out of doors. The lamp’s minimal design enhances an original combination of materials, revealing the successful union of natural teak with polycarbonate.

Shake creates a pleasing theatrical effect, its diffused lighting flattering zones, generating special effects and wonderful chiaroscuro ambiances. Shake is a creative tool for ‘shaping’ night-time moods.

Just like furnishings, lights become distinctive elements of open-air architecture for Ethimo, design objects that go beyond their mere function.

Shake introduces light to a setting in different, ultramodern shapes, making personalisation possible for complex or unusual zones.

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