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‘Feeling’ the air with the new Tecna Feel hood 11.10.2019

A new and clever Falmec solution for a better air in the kitchen

Falmec research takes another step towards quality of life at home with Feel System, the technology that “feels” and monitors changes in the state of the air constantly and at any time. Equipped with the Feel System technology, Tecna Feel is also a new entry in the Falmec world, standing out for being a simple hood in its design and extraordinarily smart in its function.

The design of Tecna Feel required a careful and complex study that has created a solution with exceptional equipment. The latter consists of a system of Feel sensors that “feel” the change in the quality of the air, regulating the start, speed and shutdown of the hood automatically according to information on the current state of the room. The system is joined by the metal filters with No-Drop® System functioning – technology patented by Falmec – formed by crossed blades that capture the condensation generated by the cooking vapors and then collect it and dispose of it in a special manifold.

Wall 90 cm solution, Tecna Feel has a suction body in AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish, a perimeter frame in black tempered glass and lighting with Dynamic LED Light technology that by electronic control regulates the color temperature of the light from cold, natural and warm. Finally, the new Tecna Feel is equipped with an effective and powerful 800 m3/h motor and 3 speed + boost electronic push-button panel.

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