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Selce, the beauty of imperfection. Studio Salaris for Carpet Edition. 13.07.2020

Harmony of colors, capacity to create contrast and equilibrium at the same time, the grace of nature with its surprising forms, the beauty of imperfection. The Selce collection of rugs, designed by Studio Salaris for Carpet Edition, is inspired by ancient paving stones, symbolic of the evolution of civilization and of the extraordinary and incessant work of time on the environment that surrounds us.

Inspired by the process where organic and chemical substances accumulate and stratify to create rocks with varied unique shapes, Carpet Edition and Studio Salaris worked to design the Selce collection of rugs. Irregular borders, decomposed geometric shapes and different yarns blend and overlap in five combinations, varying in form and color.

High quality materials like New Zealand wool, Hardtwist, linen and Tencel (which is ecological and obtained from Eucalyptus plants), are hand tufted and mixed together for a surprising and harmonious outcome both visually and to the touch. The result is a collection of composite rugs, in which each component that defines the design offers a different texture, with longer yarn here and shorter there, a smoother aspect here and more bouclé there. Also interesting is the equilibrium created by the selection colors, the juxtaposition of tone on tone and details which are never banal.

Carpet Edition made their consolidated experience in artisanal production available to Studio Salaris, who has tackled designing a line of rugs for the first time, establishing an effective collaboration. Alessandra Salaris and her team, drawing on important company values, were able to fully express their creativity: if the Selce collection is a recollection of the natural world, the attention to eco-sustainability is also evident in the choice of extremely low environmental impact materials and production techniques.

Carpet Edition has amplified the range of its Hand Made line, proposing, with the help of Studio Salaris, a diverse collection with a well defined character, unique and recognizable, ideal to respond to the diverse needs of the market with a series of strong and distinct rugs.

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