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Royale 17.11.2021

Designed to be a real custom format in its modules and finishes, Royale from Rastelli allows to move freely in the kitchen, organizing space in the most functional way as possible.

One of the most iconic compositions of the Royale model suggests a strong sensation of solidity: the extra-storage and extremely linear modules become ambassadors of timeless beauty and style, capable to overcome any trend while always moving with the times.

The large L-shaped central island offers a large worktop surface with washing and cooking areas: the aesthetically pleasing sink design follows through to the cutting boards and onto an induction hob that is integrated into the top, creating clean lines. The tall storage units with doors in white gloss lacquer can store both dishes and ingredients and can be equipped with an extendible stainless steel work surface, to take full advantage of available corner space, offering maximum functionality.

The heat-treated oak snack top, supported by the island to form a U-Shaped layout, becomes an expression of conviviality: the table where to gather to share a meal after following, almost as in a cycle, the stages of preparation and cooking of meals.

The equipped column units are ideal for organizing appliances and pantry in a unique, minimal solution: the essential door design gives rise to maximum versatility and functionality in wall unit composition in which is easily possible to install ovens, refrigerators, utensils, and tools of all kinds.

Solid and geometric, another possible compositions stands out for the choice of balancing elements typical of the ‘kitchen area’ with other typical of the living area. The large central island is made of cabinets with matt grey lacquered doors, completely smooth, and open units perfect to storage – and at the same to display – everything you want. In this way, even the less considered spaces can become an expression of stylistic choices. The same storage principle with a see-through effect based on a perfect play of solids and voids, also applies to the wall unit, designed with columns to house the pantry and the household appliances on one side, and with a modular bookcase that you can decorate like a living furniture. Moreover, the large dining table connected to the island in tranché thermo-treated oak finish, serves as a worktop or a snack table, and stands out for the contrast created by the warmth and familiarity of wood with the industrial steel core; like a double top attached to the island, it houses the sink with retractable mixer tap and the hobs, giving the kitchen a decidedly professional look.

The wide range of colours and finishes, from laminated to wood essences, from LPL to glass and lacquered, allows to customise this simple and sober design for a contemporary, versatile and timeless proposal; a tailor made and Made in Italy in perfect Rastelli style.


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