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ROYALE. Essential is custom made. 21.11.2018

Royale, designed by Marco Fabrizio Corti, is the Rastelli kitchen which rewrites all furniture rules, blending kitchen accessories with the living area’s elements.

Designed to be a real custom format in its modules and finishes, Royale allows to move freely in the kitchen, organizing space in the most functional way as possible. Its design expresses the essential: clear and simple lines suggest the typical robustness of those cabinets conceived to last long in time, while some details make the kitchen a real place to manage and live according to one’s own needs. Cabinets and open modules, bookshelf-like, let you store anything and more: books, recipe manuals, vases and accessories define an environment not only intended for food preparation. Columns, wardrobes, cabinets can be equipped according to your needs; where in the wardrobes you can install shelves, drawers, and appliances, in the kitchen’s pull out modules you can organize space with trays for cutlery, pots, dishes, enlightened by LED, which not only improve functionality, but also increase visual sensation.

The wide range of colours and finishes, from laminated to wood essences, from LPL to glass and lacquered, allows to customise this simple and sober design, enhanced by the particular handle which integrates the door and by an aluminium profile which gives a refined touch to the inside shelves.

Royale is a contemporary proposal, versatile and timeless; a tailor made and Made in Italy in perfect Rastelli style.

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