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Rotin 15.04.2021

Preview 2022 Collection

Ethimo and Studio Zanellato/Bortotto

New collaboration between Ethimo and Studio Zanellato/Bortotto has led to the creation of Rotin, a lounge collection where shape, colour and substance come together to tell the story of a new way of thinking and en-joying places for relaxing in company in the open air.

Comprising sofa, lounge armchair, coffee table and pouf with structure in pickled teak, Rotin is inspired by Asian tradition, which sees bamboo as the main element for outdoor furnishings together with techniques normally used in the production of rattan furniture.

Rotin expresses the unmistakable free spirit of Ethimo in constant pursuit of fascinating new ways to interpret contemporary outdoor living. It is a collection that surprises thanks to its unusual combinations and a subtle elegance evident in attention to details, proportions and colour.

Rotin is the first product line in the Ethimo catalogue to be entirely manufactured with technical structural upholstery: soft padding in high-performance materials and fabrics specific for outdoor use with a soft comfortable hand and special draining system, define and lend shape to the very structure of these seating solutions. ‘Tubes’ of warm pickled teak joined with nautical rope embrace the seats, highlighting their contours and creating the structure of the coffee tables.

As well as form and substance, Rotin is also colour and the decorative value of this collection is emphasised by fabrics in intense hues and surfaces in decisive brights. The tops of the occasional tables in particular feature especially creative use of colour, with their unique patterns
and extraordinary manual craftsmanship. They are, in fact, made entirely by hand, in enamelled terracotta, waste quarry marble, or cement, and they bring alive wonderful compositions inspired by the Palladian technique. The original combination of these “details” in stone stems from the use of three types of marble: Green GuatemalaCipollino, and Bardiglio, with cement grouting running between them to create elegant geometric designs on the surface.

The perfect balance of comfort and design, Rotin is a fresh lively collection, a new idea of form, function and ergonomics for outdoors. For relaxing or entertaining, Rotin hints at enjoyable moments of wellbeing, creating cosy, welcoming living spaces, an ideal collection that will also look amazing indoors.

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