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Roquebrune Alquati + Corso for Carpet Edition 16.03.2020

With its lively play of colors and geometric shapes, the Roquebrune collection from Carpet Edition recalls the city on the Costa Azzurra with the same name, home to a wealth of architectural works and personality of contemporary culture during the belle époque years.

These not conventionally formed rugs are designed by designer Michela Alquati and architect Sebastian Corso who together are able to reinterpret traditional classic motifs and colors into a blaze of lines and forms which are as rigorous as they are surprising. Starting with 5 main masterpieces, each one characterized by a specific design, and each being offered in 5 color variations, which in some cases can be customized as per preference or need.

The RB01 and RB02 series rugs were conceived featuring interlaced geometric forms and an irregular perimeter. The RB03s are more linear, and further the RB04 and RB05s strike rounded shapes and countless nuances in the lines of the design.

The quality and production technique demonstrate the long artisanal tradition of Carpet Edition: the Roquebrune collection rugs are in fact part of the Hand Made catalog and are realized in New Zealand wool and Tencel with the hand tufted technique: the design is displayed on a vertical canvas and slowly, thanks to a textile gun, the yarn is inserted.  Once removed from the frame, the rug is then washed, finished with a cotton fabric glued to the back and finally, after being released of excess fibers, is edged.

Ideal in contemporary style spaces, from living areas to bedrooms, Roquebrune rugs confirm the versatility of the collections proposed by Carpet Edition.

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