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Roberto Giovannini shares his vision of luxury as a new dimension in modern day living 17.10.2017

The beauty of the forms inspired by past epochs reveals new and extraordinary possibilities for interior design.

For the seventh year, Roberto Giovannini confirms his participation at the iSaloni WorldWide Moscow, the international showcase which proposes the best in the furniture sector, with Made in Italy taking centre stage.

For Roberto Giovannini, the exhibition space at the Crocus Expo in Moscow confirms itself as an important occasion for continuing the presentation of the Prestige collection and the furnishings which, over time, have become veritable icons of style and elegance: luxurious classics born from the passion for the fine and sophisticated art of woodcarving.

Tuscan artisan traditions and the particular importance paid to the smallest details, combined with craftsmanship expertise and technology, make Roberto Giovannini’s products unique, while new inspirations and constant research transform them into classic furnishings of extraordinary elegance and sophistication; furnishings perfect for the most cutting edge décor inspired by the authentic and extraordinary sumptuousness typical of the noble residences of times past. And so, splendour and magnificence affirm themselves as playing the leading role in the ‘ideal’ living spaces on the stage in Moscow: a living-room space, a dining room and a night time area express the concept of beauty in interior decoration according to Roberto Giovannini’s philosophy and style.

All the living spaces radiate a relaxing atmosphere; here, everything is designed to gratify the senses and the needs of your guests, proposing sensations of absolute comfort and wellbeing.

Enlightened interpretations of a classic faithful to the criteria of the past, recreated through the meticulous selection of previously unimagined combinations, precious finishings and the finest fabrics thus permit the creation of unique and special living spaces, rich in charm and emotions.

The furniture, the furnishing accessories, the objects and the lighting appliances by Roberto Giovannini are today icons of luxury interpreted with unique Italian taste.

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