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Roberto Giovannini and Arosio Interiors 04.04.2016

The Florentine brand’s sophisticated classic furniture becomes the key player at a very special venue

On the occasion of the week of the 2016 Milan International Salone del Mobile, the most important international venue for furniture and design, Roberto Giovannini and Arosio Interiors will be ‘inaugurating’ a precious and important partnership.

From 12th April, Roberto Giovannini, an historic Florentine institution specialised in the realisation of high quality classic furniture, will be furnishing Arosio Interiors’ showroom of over 200 square metres, the most important Atelier of high quality fabrics in Milan and established institution committed to turnkey décor solutions. Situated in a noble historical building in Piazza Borromeo 12, in the heart of the city, Arosio Interiors proposes a vast range of furnishing fabrics, carefully selected worldwide.

For Roberto Giovannini, this partnership amounts to a prestigious showcase in which his creations can be ‘presented on stage’, with their distinctive feature of wood-carving, an exaltation of this elegant form of artistic expression.

Unique furniture and accessories, classic in spirit, capable of expressing an authentic and timeless luxury harmoniously become part of the space where they are located, satisfying its sophisticated aesthetic requirements.

And so Roberto Giovannini, with Arosio Interiors, continues his ambition of establishing himself as brand leader in the sector.

This positioning in Milan is significant, revealing the company’s strategic and stimulating vision to grow and to establish itself more and more in the international field.

Arosio Interiors is present at other prestigious Roberto Giovannini locations, such as Domus & Lumina in Naples and representative sales points in the cities of Tehran, Shanghai, Miami, Toronto, Dubai and Riyadh.

Roberto Giovannini and Arosio Interiors, piazza Borromeo 12 Milano


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