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Ribot, Ethimo and Marc Sadler 25.05.2017

The partnership between Ethimo and Marc Sadler stems from the same desire to experiment with essential design through sophisticated and constructive know-how.

Ribot is a teak armchair with elegant yet strong lines, furnishing the outdoors with style and personality. Ribot’s contemporary design, marked by the seat’s delicate forward slant, replaces the classic armchair, all the while preserving the
same sensations of ‘warmth’ and familiarity.

‘Simplicity is the watchword for a chair whose name itself suggests the concept of agility and lightness. From an iconographic viewpoint – explains the designer Marc Sadler – the reference is to the classic teak chair with wide slats, but Ribot is the
product of a subtle yet substantial remise-en-forme’.

A perfect mix of rational classicism with a modern twist, striking for its essential silhouette associated with solidity of form; Ribot is modern minimalism, sophisticated, never banal; it defines and ‘narrates’ the outdoor space it occupies,
transforming it into a unique place.

Ribot is an astonishing collection for its comfort, defined shapes, great functionality and strong expressive potential. Its design makes it ideal for completing the various teak tables in the Ethimo collection.

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