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Returning to nature is possible with Rastelli’s BOSCO kitchen 14.05.2024

Makio Hasuike & Co.’s BOSCO, which was designed for Rastelli, is returning to Eurocucina 2024 as the main character.

The atmosphere of wooded freshness is still present even in the new 2024 composition, which was officially launched in 2022 on the Salone del Mobile, in Milan. This is the result of a deep study on the essence of nature and its positive impact on human well-being.

The design of this kitchen is influenced by Japanese inspiration, which is rooted in the ideogram Shinrin-yoku (literally “forest bath”) and transforms it into a peaceful and harmonious space within the house.
The Phantastic wardrobe keeps the iconic eucalyptus finishes of the previous composition. Equipped with a refrigerator column, an oven column and a modern open module with two drawers, Phantastic combines functionality and awareness. The top and backrest of the open cabinet are made of Corian 3 Silver Gray adding homogeneity to the thickness and resistance to the typical uses of the operating areas.

To distinguish BOSCO, its architecture: a full horizontal volume, a full vertical and a vertical slatted screen, create a harmonious fusion between form and function. Traditional bases, columns with retractable doors and open shelves with sliding panels have been carefully designed to enhance the clean aesthetics of the kitchen.

Like every wood, Makio Hasuike & Co.’s cuisine for Rastelli also keeps a secret: its ability to connect man with nature through the ingredients used in the preparation of food. The spaces dedicated to herbs, roots and plants, carefully hidden behind the open shelves, transform the kitchen into a shared laboratory.

The induction hob and the sink with retractable tap confirm that the BOSCO kitchen has been designed to meet the practical and aesthetic needs of its users. The top made of Corian® Silver Gray and the solid wood handles with eucalyptus veneer complete the modern and natural look of the composition.

Combining solidity and lightness, light and shadow, BOSCO tells a new perspective on how to live well in harmony with nature and with others.

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