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Reception Mirò: how Newform Ufficio Welcomes You 08.10.2020

There are countless customization possibilities for the new Reception Mirò collection by Newform Ufficio. Many modular suggestions and a wide range of finishes to make the halls of companies, shops, hotels or offices as identity-giving and inviting as possible.

The space reserved to hospitality is essential for any company that provides the reception of guests and customers. In fact, it stands as a potential first ‘business card’ and, if well designed, can become a true representation of the spirit of the place it represents.
Newform Ufficio therefore offers Reception Mirò as a furnishing collection composed of various elements, from the front panels to the desktops, through combinable containers, connecting elements and accessories for cable management. In addition to allowing different configurations, adaptable to any space or work requirement, the collection amazes for the variety and originality of the finishes and for the wide choice of laminates, glass and melamine. The Alcene fabric-effect finish, for example, is particular because it creates the illusion of a fabric covering even though it is a textured melamine, with significant advantages from the point of view of hygiene and cleaning.

From the most sober and rigorous environments to the warmest ones, Reception Mirò can satisfy any need and each workstation is designed to meet the needs of those who work there. The large desks allow a greater and better use of the space, while files, documents and tools are stored on lower shelves, in the pedestals or in the containers that can be configured as desired.

The versatility of the collection, combined with the production flexibility of Newform Ufficio, make Reception Mirò an ideal solution in any context, capable of welcoming guests in a way that is anything but anonymous.

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