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Real Estate Direction: Falmec announces new partnership with Contract District Group 26.06.2023

It’s official! Falmec is partnering with LivinWOW, a unique project born from the expertise of the Contract District Group, a platform that combines interior design with the world of real estate.

Through B2B services, tailored around real estate’s needs, LivinWOW relies on home design brands in order to offer smart solutions that mirror the tastes and desires of future residents.

LivinWOW was designed as a concept lab and is located in the Risorgimento area in Milan, where creative realities shift from design and fashion to food. The showroom boasts almost 500 sqm of space, housing installations that show visitors different settings and options for contemporary living, all visually supported by videowalls and virtual digital tours.

Hence Falmec becomes an enthusiastic partner in this web of big brands supporting the LivinWOW project, as declared by Lorenzo Poser, Falmec’s Head of Sales and Marketing:

“The partnership with Contract District Group is really valuable to us and kicks off new relationships and opportunities in the world of Real Estate. Our solutions are purposely conceived to integrate seamlessly into interior design projects with an innovative and ultra contemporary vision.”

Falmec’s offerings in the LivinWOW showroom are diversified: from the scenic Sophie, here in its pewter finish within an island installation, we go to the new Shelf, the “suction shelf” of the Elements collection. A product that becomes a symbol amidst a revolution in the world of extraction, where the kitchen hood is stored inside a system with a modular and multifunctional design.

Alongside these two exclusive models, two undercabinet suction hoods can be found, namely Virgola NRS, with its “silence” technology, and Virgola Evolution in its totally black finish.

Falmec’s presence in the Contract District Group network highlights an important new direction for the brand. In fact, this strategic initiative is specifically designed to intensify its stronghold in the contract channel, counting on synergies with architects, interior design professionals and real estate personalities.


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