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Rastelli #2 Semiserious tale of a brand 13.05.2019

In the previous episode we used a pun to tell a story of just half of the history of Rastelli and their values: after this R.A.S.T. episode, we will tell you what’s behind E.L.L.I.

E. as Elite. Rastelli’s main target is a customer who pays attention to the finishes, to details, to materials. Together with the traditional special woods, the brand proposes technologic solutions such as ALOCUBOND®, used for Karan kitchen doors: a composite panel composed of two alluminium covering sheets, refined by an extra-clear tempered glass slab, and a mineral core, which makes them extremely light and resistant.

L. as Laboratory: since its beginning, the brand was conceived as the ideal source of innovative projects. For this reason the history of Rastelli is marked by important featurings with designers such as Ferruccio Laviani and Karim Rashid. The first collaboration gave birth to the model Beluga, the second collaboration carried out the projects Karan and Kook.

L. as Linearity: next to the above mentioned models Kook and Karan, Rastelli offers kitchens with a linearity that, together with geometrical rigour, produces a great visual effect. R1, among others, is the best expression of linear design and and of an extremely minimal taste.

I. as Innovation, because if handicraft and tradition are important, so are innovation and technology. Royale kitchen is a solid demonstration of attention and of the investments that Rastelli devotes to products development. Beside showing off 28 mm doors, Royale is completely domotic, with electric bars holding their sockets so you can move them where necessary, doors with remote controllers and built in appliances, such as the Down Draft hood.

R.A.S.T.E.L.L.I.: here you can see how a brand can contain all these values in one name.

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