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R1, autumnal suggestions 16.09.2020

The combination between the special copper liquid foil finish, the warm shades of porcelain stoneware and the enveloping rovere moka colour, suggest an autumnal atmosphere, perfectly expressed by an elegant R1 composition. The kitchen designed by Ulisse Narcisi for Rastelli never ceases to amaze: the countless possible configurations, the skilled craftsmanship and the refined, rigorous but welcoming design, make it a versatile and occasionally unique model.

Timeless style and original details meet and harmonize in this version with a contemporary flavour. The wall unit modules, which house the working area, stand out for the door essentiality, completely smooth. Rovere moka finish is also used for the tall units dedicated to household appliances, framed and enriched by glass doors with a titanium aluminium frame.The porcelain stoneware selected for the worktop is also used for the backsplash; and the light shades, highlighting on the darker base, create a pleasant chromatic balance with the wall cabinets in grigio siliceo finish. Another wall unit, titanium Galileo, almost looks like a picture and has functional shelves to store tools and small objects.

The large central island, solid and rigorous, surprises for the special door finish: the copper liquid foil recreates the effect of metal sheet, for a warm touch even in its industrial style. The snack table in E-wood Quercia, increasing the working space, can be used as a comfortable base for breakfast or for a snack.

Even in its composure and linearity, R1 does not fail to convey the warmness, which is essential in a kitchen, conceived by Rastelli and Ulisse Narcisi as every home’s familiar and beating heart.

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