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R1. The essential shape. 19.05.2021

Expression of absolute minimalism, this R1 composition meets one of the latest trends in cooking: it’s becoming ever more popular to ‘forgo’ overhead cabinets in favor of cabinetry and open shelving, useful to give a lighter and airy look to the entire environment.

Discreet and at the same time full of charisma, the kitchen turns into a manifesto of pure design, hiding most of its operational functions. The layout includes a wall unit made of large base cabinets with LPL Quercia Moka doors and drawers, and only two wall cabinets necessary to store freshly washed dishes and to house the hood above the hobs.

A long and thin steel element is suitable as a base for hooks to keep useful accessories within reach with a decorative touch. Finally, a large storage cabinet with white lacquered doors complete the composition, allowing enough room for the pantry and for housing the appliances.

Thus, R1 surprises once again for its design flexibility. Not only the many finishes, the different modules or the wide range of materials, but also the same idea of ‘system’ designed by Ulisse Narcisi for this model, allow to create every time unique kitchens, ready to meet ever-changing needs and trends.

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