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When glass gives shape to the air 26.03.2021

The glass, with its light soul, discreet beauty and brilliant luminosity, is distinctive material of many of the Falmec collections. Glass is always able to give that touch of timeless elegance, both to draw the details and also to giving shape to the structure of the extraction hood. Given the strong relationship with the territory, the company from Treviso and close to Venice uses for some of its products the well known Murano glass, excellence, and emblem of the most appreciated Made in Italy manufacturing in the world. The Bellaria air purifier represents the latter with its Murano glass handmade structure according to the tradition of the Venetian handcraft masters, available in the classic colors white and gray, or in bright yellow and red. At your home, in the office or in any indoor environment, Bellaria eliminates all potentially harmful substances and unpleasant odors, such as cigarette smoke, thanks to its filtering and ionizing system.

Soffio, from the Circle.Tech collection, is also distinguished by the impeccable use of Murano glass, which here gives shape to the body of the hood, enriched by two steel rings that delimit the perimeter of the structure.

Levante as well in its graphite finish is one of the last 2020 novelties and part of the same collection of extraction solutions. The tempered glass of the refined frame that makes up the hood is, indeed, the main aesthetic feature of this solution with the innovative Up / Down system. To obtain chromatic uniformity in the profile and in each of its points of view, Falmec has equipped this version with a mass colouring of the glass, using a special technique that preserves the original colour of the glass without surface painting treatment.

Several models, characterized by a design that stands out for the minimal and sophisticated beauty of glass in black or white belong to the E.ionTM System collection: the line of solutions that sanitize the air thanks to the homonymous technology that recreates atmospheric ions through controlled bipolar ionization. Among these Mare E.ion and its particular wave that gives “movement” to the structure, the impressive elliptical cylinder Spring E.ion, or Lumière E.ion with its rigorous shapes, Zephiro E.ion with rounded “sides”, up to the Rubik E.ion cube and the perfect circle of Eolo E.ion.

In the structure, but also in the details, glass is in fact a recurring element in the Falmec product range, such as Alba or Vetra, which already with its name pays homage to the use of this versatile material. In the Alba ceiling hood, for example, the glass forms the prominent perimeter frame of the functional panel embedded in the false ceiling. The latter can be painted to match the color of the panel itself to that of the ceiling for chromatic consistency over the entire surface. In this case, the only really visible element remains the frame, the great protagonist of this solution, which ensures a sober and elegant aesthetic result.

Eventually in the Vetra hood of the Circle.Tech collection, tempered glass surrounds the stainless steel structure giving it an effect of extreme lightness and surprising minimalism.


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