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Preview Eurocucina – The Abimis kitchen goes outdoor! 14.02.2018

Trends in the world of contemporary architecture and interior design are increasingly involving the outdoors as a natural extension of the indoors: large floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook courtyards, gardens and carefully decorated terraces, consistent flooring, broken architectural barriers…

Hence the fashion come-back of outdoor kitchens, not just as simple barbecue stations, but as major multi-accessorised facilities designed to enjoy the benefits of the open air in the company of one’s guests, as well as a time to enjoy an al fresco meal, and stay outside while preparing it too.

Abimis already caught onto this trend in recent years, which officially became an integral part of the product catalogue on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018.

The specific features of the brand philosophy remain unchanged in Abimis outdoor kitchens, first and foremost with the prevalent use of AISI 316 stainless steel, the valuable ‘super alloy’ resistant to water, to sudden temperature changes and in general to atmospheric agents, recommended for use in salty air or chlorine rich environments.

The idea of impeccable tailoring also remains. Indeed, this outdoor kitchen can be customised in every detail, starting with the composition and accessories, through to the height and depth of the worktop and the recessed plinth, or the type of household appliances to equip it with: grill, hotplates, fryers, etc. The finishes can also be customised with paints and other materials, both natural and non, treated to guarantee safety, durability and resistance, even when subjected to the effects of time and the more aggressive effects of bad weather.

Professionalism and hygiene complete the ambitious project: Abimis kitchens are designed to limit any dirt and bacteria deposits and to be easy to clean. Last but not least, the doors and drawers with pull-out surfaces make it possible to keep crockery intact, and in some cases they can be accessorised with refrigerated elements or with heated elements.


Whether you have a generously proportioned poolside or a city terrace, Abimis kitchens can furnish all spaces with compact kitchen blocks or major multi-purpose chef’s workstations, for a barbecue, a snack, a buffet or a multi-course meal, on special occasions… provided it’s out in the open air.

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