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PRESIDENT. A collection for executive offices. 21.01.2019

Design as a perfect synthesis of functionality, elegance and style, Made in Italy, respect for the environment, tradition and momentum towards the future: Newform Ufficio has managed to harmonize all these elements by creating President, a unique collection, ideal for executive offices.

Once again, Riccardo Vincenzetti signed the restyling of the iconic office furniture line for the company from the Abruzzi. Careful to understand the needs of new generations of professionals, especially managers, the designer has focused on the search for a ‘solid’ product, able to combine a contemporary style with the need to express prestige and importance through furnishing elements.

Material protagonist of the collection is the Canaletto walnut, Italian wood par excellence, elegantly proposed in the ambassador walnut and deep walnut finishes; whether it is desks, meeting and coffee tables, bookcases or open units, this wood symbol of Italian tradition gives the workspace a touch of ‘eternity’ and authority.

Small but fundamental technological details show the aim to adapt to an increasingly ‘smart’ working world. The service cabinets act as bases for desktops as well as containers for electrical elements to easily connect all the necessary devices. Likewise, the meeting table bases also provide an opening that allows easy access to all the electrical components.

Sober and refined details embellish a collection with a decidedly ‘presidential’ character: desks and suspended drawer units are enriched by thin aluminum finishes, the ‘wing’ sides of the tables allow to expand the workspace harmoniously, and finally the bookcases, also available with glass doors, stand out for their essential design, emphasized by the ‘push-to-open’ system as an alternative to handles.

President is a formal and elegant office furniture collection, ready to meet the most diverse needs, thus responding to customization that is always at the center of New Office projects.

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