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Pettine by Antrax IT gets a Special Mention at the German Design Award 2017 26.10.2016

Antrax IT, the Italian company specialised in creating and manufacturing designer radiators and fireplaces, has been awarded a major new international accolade.

After Flaps – the creative radiator designed by Victor Vasilev – comes Pettine, the new designer radiator by Andrea Crosetta, which received a Special Mention in the Bath and Wellness category at the 2017 German Design Award.

The German Design Award is a prestigious international accolade given by the German Design Council to excellent designers and companies which have been able to express originality, quality and functionality in their products.

Pettine made its debut on the occasion of the 2016 International Furniture Fair and this piece undoubtedly reflects the meaning of its name (pettine means comb): as a matter of fact, it is shaped like a giant comb and its purpose is to ’embellish’ spaces in the home.

Just like the object which inspired Pettine, this designer radiator aims to be both a functional and decorative element: on the one hand, thanks to its availability in different sizes, it allows for a range of geometric compositions which can embellish the walls on which it is placed; on the other, if used in the bathroom, it makes it easier to hang more clothes or towels.

Pettine features a steel plate with a minimal, rigid profile available with 3, 5 and 7 “teeth”, each version measuring respectively 68.5×55 cm, 112.5×55 cm and 176.5×55 cm. It is available in over 200 colour variations, which highlights its decorative value and the definition of dynamic textures and trends.

This new and important recognition attests to Antrax IT’s constant commitment to creating designer objects, products with state-of-the-art high technology features, capable not only of bringing warmth but also satisfying the most demanding aesthetic and functional requirements of the spaces they inhabit.

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