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1, 2, 1000 Petits Bijoux thanks to customisation 28.04.2021


Customisation is becoming increasingly relevant for brands who want to stand out in the design world. It’s not just about adapting a piece of furniture or an accessory to style and space requirements. It’s a creative tool that results in unique design elements. Catellani & Smith has been providing custom-made models based on its standard lamps for many years.

The Petits Bijoux lamp is a perfect example. The small and large brass rings that create the light structure of its standard models – 56 and 26, measuring 120 and 75 cm, respectively – can be assembled to create a new, unique version. For example, Petits Bijoux can become a beautiful semisphere held by thin blue fabric cables that connect the brass rings in a sequence from the smallest to the largest. Or it can become a “double sphere” in which these luminous “globes” connect to each other to create a spectacular work of art suspended in space. The possibilities are virtually infinite, thanks to a few easy-to-assemble elements that allow you to give shape to any idea.

Whatever its new configuration, Petits Bijoux is enriched with special transparent covers that look like they’re chasing each other like celestial bodies around their orbits. Moreover, the LED bulbs covered by covers with brass clips ensure high-quality brightness.

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