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On Valentine’s Day say it with WallPepper® 10.01.2017

Love is an action verb and small romantic gestures express appreciation that any individual can do for their sweetheart. Nothing says “romance” more than a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates but isn’t it time to switch it up and make Valentine’s Day even more exciting? This year say it on the walls of your love nest with WallPepper®.

‘Trend-Line’ and ‘Fine-Art’ collections celebrate love and affection through a selection of wallpapers to carry over the significant other into a world full of romance. The catalogue ‘Trend-Line’ offers ‘The Open Cage’ theme with pastel shades and a loving bird couple surrounded by tons of roses, and ‘Anchor & Sparrow’ which recalls the popular sailor tattoos, a perfect representation of stability and devotion.

The illustrators of the catalogue ‘Fine-Art’ portray the dynamics of love using realistic and classic tones or abstract allegories. ‘Head and Love’ by Laura Zeni displays a sequence of small hearts placed upside down and right side up and seem to be designed using a felt tip marker in different shades of colors.

The Talitha Puri Negri subjects reproduce those small ‘sanctuaries’ set in the art cities next to sculptures or monuments where lovers’ names are carved in walls as a sign of their love, while the illustrations designed by Sofia Cacciapaglia depict the simplicity of this feeling through a bouquet of roses and a warm and comfortable embrace.

Last but not least, WallPepper® pays tribute to Valentina, the female heroine created by the Italian artist Guido Crepax in the passionate and fascinating namesake collection.

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